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802.11 Frame Types

There are 3 primary frame types in 802.11 wireless infrastructure Management frames (Type value – 00) Control frames (Type value – 01) Data Frames (Type value – 10) Management Frames : These frame types are used to manage the wireless medium. We would be observing detailed participation of these frames with regards to joining andContinue reading “802.11 Frame Types”

Transmit Beamforming (TxBF)

Basics of Beamforming Beamforming is a technique that focuses a wireless signal towards a specific receiving device, rather than having the signal spread in all directions. We know that mostly the internal APs are equipped with omnidirectional antennes, so they send the signals in all directions. So, in order to make the signalling more efficient weContinue reading “Transmit Beamforming (TxBF)”

Wireless Vs Wired

CATEGORY WIRELESS WIRED User Mobility Nearly unlimited in a building Tethered to a physical outlet Setup Cost Relatively Low Relatively High Standard 802.11 802.3 Reliability Data loss could be higher depending on RF interference Data loss rate is fairly low due to reliable medium Principle CSMA/CA CSMA/CD Benefits – No hassles of cable– Best forContinue reading “Wireless Vs Wired”

Understanding an RF Signal

What is RF Signal ?A Radio Frequency signal is an electromagnetic wave that carries information over the air from one point to another. RF signals starts as an electrical Alternating Current (AC), generated by a transmitter. This AC signal travels through the copper conductor and radiates out of an antenna in the form of electromagnetic wave. WhatContinue reading “Understanding an RF Signal”


What is Wave Frequency ? A generic definition we would see over the internet would be: Frequency is defined as the number of waves that passes a fixed point for a given amount of time. But what does that really mean. Variables on which frequency mainly depends on is wavelength and time. Consider, the number of waves thatContinue reading “Frequency”

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